One to go

Only one more shift left at McDonald’s! Then I’ll be free of it’s clutches once again! Woot!

Tuesday I have the last fitting for my bridesmaid dress, Wednesday is the Blink-182/MCR concert with Mogan (WOOT!), Thursday is getting nails done for the wedding, Friday is my last shift at McDonald’s, and Saturday is Nicole’s wedding! Crazy week ahead!


Horoscope for August 25 to 31, 2011

This is from the Georgia Straight today… so creepy cause it’s so true.

June 22 – July 22

Whether it’s a sobering statement or a simple matter of fact, you have reached an end. Don’t dwell on what it’s taken out of you. Direct your total attention to here, now, and tomorrow. Sunday’s revitalizing new moon in Virgo offers fresh wind. Thrust yourself into this new chapter and do what must be done. Your full commitment is required—in fact, it’s essential.


Well folks, I’ve booked my flight. Off I go to England! September 25th I board a plane from Seattle, Washington to a layover in Reykjavik, Iceland that then continues on to London, England, landing around 11:45am on September 26th at Heathrow Airport. I’M ACTUALLY DOING THIS!!!

Countdown as of this minute?
4.82 weeks, 33.77 days, 810.45 hours, and 48625 minutes.

Yes. I’m excited. In case you didn’t notice.