Day Zero – It All Begins

So, all is fine and dandy, right? Flight begins boarding and is scheduled to leave on time. 

I’m seated in the middle of the row. Ugh… oh well. Plane takes off, usual procedures take place. My touchscreen monitor for choosing and watching movies etc? Doesn’t work. 7 hours on this plane and I have no in-flight entertainment?!

Okay… moving on! I’ll read my book. I’ll watch a movie I have on my phone. I’ll listen to some music. Still bored with half the flight left to go… I know! I’ll write in my journal about the events so far. Oh, but wait, my PEN JUST EXPLODED INK ALL OVER MY HAND.

That flight felt way too long.

Reykjavik. There’s really not much to see in terms of landscape. Looks pretty lifeless actually.  We get off the plane and we have to go through security again, because apparently the EU has different safety regulations than North America. How annoying. They stamp my passport that I’m in the county, then they stamp my passport that I’m out of the country. Was two stamps really necessary for my total time of 60 minutes in Iceland?

Alright, whatever. Second flight I have the window seat and my TV screen works. Woot! By half way through the 2.5 hour flight I’m starting to get excited cause I should start to be able to see land. (By the way… there is a LOT of water in the ocean, just FYI). I think about how this land has been occupied for ssssooooo long!

We finally get close to London and I’m trying to catch a glimpse of anything on the ground, my neck hurting from craning it to the side to look out the tiny window. Clouds. We circle for a bit above the clouds,  which is making me antsy cause I wanna see the stuff below the clouds!

The pilot starts to circle lower and lower… the white mist thins a bit, but there’s still too many ruddy clouds to see anything. I start getting antsy again and think “come on dude – just give me a land mark!!!”…. and then there it was. So amazing that I forgot to get a picture. The London Eye. Tower Bridge. THEY’RE REAL GUYS. You know, not just photoshopped pictures and stories.

And I don’t really wanna talk about my journey from arrivals at Heathrow to the Hostel. It was painful. Note to self: PACK LIGHTER YOU FRIGGEN IDIOT.

P.S. If you actually read this far then you are rewarded with the knowledge that I will upload some photos tomorrow – when I’m not falling asleep standing up. 🙂


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