Day One – Trafalgar Square

Today was a day of exploration mixed with house hounting duties. I was up and down at the main hostel for free breakfast by 9:30 where I enjoyed toast and a glass of milk. I also confirmed to myself that the tap water in London tastes absolutely disgusting. Perhaps I’m just spoiled by good water in Chilliwack and BC in general! Even the bottled water from Starbucks isn’t great and Evian isn’t much better, but at least it’s drinkable. Gerrod says he’ll fill me on the good brands.

After that I headed on down to the BUNAC office, which is the partner of SWAP, the program I came through. Used the computers there and got oriented a bit – tried searching for more flat ads. Getting a bit stressed about finding a place to live but hopefully tomorrow night’s “Speed Flatmating” will be fruitful. 

After that I tried to find Piccadilly Circus, and failed. I think I was in the area but somehow got lost amongst all the construction and shops. I ended up at Trafalgar Square where I took lots of photos and kind of wished I’d had someone with me to take photos of me with things! I’m a little sceptical of handing over my camera to a stranger, but I may need to get over that. Also checked out the National Gallery since it’s free to go in. Loads of cool old paintings there.

Tonight I went with my new Australian friends, Rhianna and Caitlin, for dinner at a pizzeria italian place across from the hostel and then to a place called Slug and Lettuce for a cup of tea and some amazing dessert. I think I’m already planning my next visit to Slug and Lettuce for that dessert again – it was pretty epic.

Now I’ve just finished sorting all my things again as in the morning, by 10am, I have to check OUT of the hostel (a sub-hostel of St. Christophers, the all girls “The Oasis”) and get all my luggage over to the main part of the Hostel down the road where I have to put everything into storage until I can check back IN to that location at 2pm. 

SWAP/BUNAC orientation tomorrow so I can set up my bank account and all and then Speed Flatmating tomorrow evening. Another full day tomorrow!



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