6 Things I’ve Discovered In London

It’s been a long day, so today you get a short version of six things I’ve discovered so far in London:

  1. Escalators. They move freaking fast here – you gotta pay attention or you’re definitely potentially falling down 5 stories of escalator.
  2. Underground Depth. Yes, you heard me, 5 stories. That’s what it looks like on some of them. The height of the escalators is sometimes dizzying. Certain tube lines are ridiculously far underground.
  3. Lord of the Rings. I’m convinced that London Transport has given a code name to MORDOR and you can get there via the Northern Line. Morden Station = Mordor. 
  4. Smoking. Londoners must die young or have a high rate of lung cancer, cause there are so many smokers here! No smoking in pubs and restauarnts, just like in Canada. This means you see a crapload of people standing outside the front door of all the pubs with a beer in one hand and a ciggarette in the other.
  5. Street Crossings. I’m slowly but surely getting used to this whole “look the opposite way” thing before crossing the street. It’s more of a turn-360-degrees-and-make-sure-nothing-is-coming-at-you kind of thing. Or you just follow everyone else and hope you don’t die because they didn’t see a car racing down the street.
  6. Phone Data. Guess what? Today I bought a pre-paid sim card for £15. That gets me something reasonable for calls, something like 1000 texts, and UNLIMITED DATA. Yeah. I KNOW. IT’S AMAZING.



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