How to make it rain in London

Yesterday one of my collegues said “it’s supposed to be pissing rain tomorrow” and I said “yeah, okay, whatever. I’ve been here a month and I have not once seen it rain” and he goes “you just jinxed it, it’s going to rain now” and I’ve said I haven’t seen rain for a while now so I was like, okay whatever.

Today, as we get off the Tube at Oxford Street on our way to a meeting, it’s sort of raining, but not really – more like sprinkling. Then soon after I’m all “this isn’t RAIN” it starts literally chuckin’ it down (that’s British slang, by the way, which means TORRENTIAL DOWNPOUR). 

In short, to make it rain in London, just KEEP SAYING IT NEVER RAINS (double points if the person you say it to really DOESN’T want it to rain).


That guy at the stand across the street is shouting “Umbrellas!”

I also got around to doing a quick tour of my flat so you can see what the whole of my new abode looks like. So come on in, take a look why don’t you?

In case you missed it in the video, eggs and certain types of milk are not kept in the refridgerated area of the grocery store. And waffles are not frozen – you can get pancakes and waffles freshly packaged, next to the bread. 

I also went for my first run in a few months today and did not bad considering. I did 4km and went about my usual pace (you can see it at if you want). Now let’s just keep up the routine! Finally settling in!


I woke up in London…

Woke up in London yesterday 
Found myself in the city near Piccadilly 
Don’t really know how I got here 
I got some pictures on my phone 

New names and numbers that I don’t know 
Address to places like Abbey Road 
Day turns to night, night turns to whatever we want 
We’re young enough to say 

Oh this has gotta be the good life 
This has gotta be the good life 
This could really be a good life, good life 


A New Abode

I finally have a home in London! Crazy notion after 3 weeks of hostel living, eh? By the way, if you ever need tips or advice on hostels and what to look for, I’m clearly your go-to lady. 

I got that place in Deptford that I wanted and tonight is my second night. I spent £80 at Primark and got a bunch of awesome stuff including two giant towels, three face cloths, a duvet cover set, a fitted sheet, a fitted mattress cover, two cool pillow cases, and a set of a duvet with two pillows. I’d say that’s a smokin’ deal. I think Primark and I are going to get along just splendidly. =D

I know there’s more I could write about from this past week, but I just can’t wait to crawl into my new bed with all my new bed linens! 


(note: those colors are purples, not pinks – the lighting in this room is crazy sauce)

Two Weeks In And Loving It

It’s hard to believe I’ve been in London for two weeks. Some days it feels like I only left home yesterday, and other days it feels like it’s been months. Work is going awesome and I get along great with everyone there. I’m so glad I have Gwen there with me too, a fellow Canadian, to giggle with when our British collegues don’t know what we mean when we say words like “toque” and “newfie”.

I moved into a new hostel on Thursday night as I still haven’t found a place to live yet. St. Christophers, where I spent my first week and a half, is way nicer. My dorm at Queen Elizabeth has 5 beds in it and really doesn’t have enough room for even 2 people. I am on the top of a 3-high bunk bed. It’s slightly scary, and the entire bed moves if I even make the slightest move while sleeping. I definitely would not want to be on top of that thing during an earthquake.


I looked at a room in a flat near an area of London called Canada Water on Friday and I really hope I get it. The people seem really cool, the room is a good size with a desk, the flat is nice, and it’s an easy bus ride to and from work. Fingers crossed!!! 

In regards to my nationality I’ve had two common things come up when talking to people from outside the UK (in the hostel mostly). 

  1. They think I sound American. Crap… gotta start wearing something that indicates my nationality everywhere I go now – cause hell like I want to be mistaken for American (no offense intended, its just that I’m not!)
  2. They want to know if Canadians and Americans are enemies. Cause apparently thats the word on the street, that Canadians and Americans hate each others guts. 

Also – I found two very interesting bags of chips today:




London – New Job and Flat Hunting

Yesterday was my first day at Hugo & Cat. I’m super stoked cause they’re all really awesome there. It will definitely take me some time to remember all the names though since about 45 people work there! This coming week and possibly the week after I’ll be helping out on the Nokia contract, but after that I’ll start my junior producer duties on the Sony contract. Looking forward to it! Having a fellow Canadian on the team is cool too. Gwenyth said it warmed her heart when I said “eh”, haha. I think we’ll get along just swell! 🙂

Today was a day of looking at three flats, and I have another one tomorrow. I really like the guys and the area of the first one I looked at in Clapham but the room is really small. I’m still leaning towards that one though, if it works out, cause I mean how much time do you spend in your bedroom anyway? The guys are really cool and seems like a nice place so I think I’d like it there, and its an awesome area not far from the Tube.

I also had to move hostels again today and wandered around a new area of London where I took in Monument. There’s some pictures on Facebook and one at the bottom of this post. Monument is FREAKING MASSIVE. There’s stairs to the top which I think I may do tomorrow since I didn’t have time today. It’s pretty dang cool though – it was built after the fire in 1666 and it took 6 years to build. Given the size of it I’m impressed it was ONLY six years (back in those days). 

Tomorrow – I think it’s time for Tower Bridge and the London Eye – maybe a free walking tour?