Two Weeks In And Loving It

It’s hard to believe I’ve been in London for two weeks. Some days it feels like I only left home yesterday, and other days it feels like it’s been months. Work is going awesome and I get along great with everyone there. I’m so glad I have Gwen there with me too, a fellow Canadian, to giggle with when our British collegues don’t know what we mean when we say words like “toque” and “newfie”.

I moved into a new hostel on Thursday night as I still haven’t found a place to live yet. St. Christophers, where I spent my first week and a half, is way nicer. My dorm at Queen Elizabeth has 5 beds in it and really doesn’t have enough room for even 2 people. I am on the top of a 3-high bunk bed. It’s slightly scary, and the entire bed moves if I even make the slightest move while sleeping. I definitely would not want to be on top of that thing during an earthquake.


I looked at a room in a flat near an area of London called Canada Water on Friday and I really hope I get it. The people seem really cool, the room is a good size with a desk, the flat is nice, and it’s an easy bus ride to and from work. Fingers crossed!!! 

In regards to my nationality I’ve had two common things come up when talking to people from outside the UK (in the hostel mostly). 

  1. They think I sound American. Crap… gotta start wearing something that indicates my nationality everywhere I go now – cause hell like I want to be mistaken for American (no offense intended, its just that I’m not!)
  2. They want to know if Canadians and Americans are enemies. Cause apparently thats the word on the street, that Canadians and Americans hate each others guts. 

Also – I found two very interesting bags of chips today:





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