A New Abode

I finally have a home in London! Crazy notion after 3 weeks of hostel living, eh? By the way, if you ever need tips or advice on hostels and what to look for, I’m clearly your go-to lady. 

I got that place in Deptford that I wanted and tonight is my second night. I spent £80 at Primark and got a bunch of awesome stuff including two giant towels, three face cloths, a duvet cover set, a fitted sheet, a fitted mattress cover, two cool pillow cases, and a set of a duvet with two pillows. I’d say that’s a smokin’ deal. I think Primark and I are going to get along just splendidly. =D

I know there’s more I could write about from this past week, but I just can’t wait to crawl into my new bed with all my new bed linens! 


(note: those colors are purples, not pinks – the lighting in this room is crazy sauce)


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