How to make it rain in London

Yesterday one of my collegues said “it’s supposed to be pissing rain tomorrow” and I said “yeah, okay, whatever. I’ve been here a month and I have not once seen it rain” and he goes “you just jinxed it, it’s going to rain now” and I’ve said I haven’t seen rain for a while now so I was like, okay whatever.

Today, as we get off the Tube at Oxford Street on our way to a meeting, it’s sort of raining, but not really – more like sprinkling. Then soon after I’m all “this isn’t RAIN” it starts literally chuckin’ it down (that’s British slang, by the way, which means TORRENTIAL DOWNPOUR). 

In short, to make it rain in London, just KEEP SAYING IT NEVER RAINS (double points if the person you say it to really DOESN’T want it to rain).


That guy at the stand across the street is shouting “Umbrellas!”

I also got around to doing a quick tour of my flat so you can see what the whole of my new abode looks like. So come on in, take a look why don’t you?

In case you missed it in the video, eggs and certain types of milk are not kept in the refridgerated area of the grocery store. And waffles are not frozen – you can get pancakes and waffles freshly packaged, next to the bread. 

I also went for my first run in a few months today and did not bad considering. I did 4km and went about my usual pace (you can see it at if you want). Now let’s just keep up the routine! Finally settling in!


2 thoughts on “How to make it rain in London

  1. Umm yeah, Brits never have dryers. I never figured out how they dry things when it pours.Also, when I lived in Yorkshire is only ever drizzled and my flatmates all said that was ‘pouring’ and I was all pfssshh. I guess it gets heavier as you go south?

  2. Yeah… the dryer thing sucks. It means having to plan when I’m doing laundry instead of just waiting until I have no clothes left, haha.I’ve no idea about the rain, but I have seen some people in London pull out an umbrella for drizzle and I’m all "REALLY PEOPLE?!" – but maybe that’s because I’m from Vancouver…

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