An Awesome Weekend in London

It’s time to wrap up yet another great weekend in London. This weekend was awesome – I spent Friday evening with my crazy amazing collegues at the Alice where James got me to try my first sip of Guiness. The evening ended with Gwen where we left a pub full of collegues, stopped for curry on our way back home, and watched Lord of the Rings until we passed out. Poor Gwen didn’t make it past the DVD menu! A lovely breakfast on Saturday morning with Gwen and then homeward bound.

Saturday on my way home I stopped to meet Eimear for a nice walk and quick lunch on the south bank. After coming out of Westminster station to meet her, I’d swear I’m probably in the background of about 50+ tourist shots of Big Ben and the Parliament buildings.

Saturday night brought on Guy Fawkes night – Eimear and I headed to Southwark Park and I witnessed the best fireworks I’ve ever seen. I’ve never been so close to fireworks that I had to look directly up to see them. It put the Celebration of Light in Vancouver to shame. Our walk home revealed 3 more sets of fireworks all around. Eimear then got me to try Sticky Toffee Pudding for the first time. AMAZING.

Sunday morning I made Eimear and I a Canadian breakfast of real pancakes (the English think pancakes are like crepes… ppsshh) with bacon and Canadian maple syrup. A day of market shopping commenced which included far too many sweets, although with the discovery of Egg Nog lattes at Starbucks, and some new Oyster card covers for the both of us. I also tried mulled wine and Turkish Delight for the first time today.

From market shopping we went to a lovely pub in Finchley where we had my favourite, roast dinner with potatoes and yorkshire pudding, and watched a great soul band play some great music. Good gig. 

Oh – and did I mention I’m going to Ireland with Eimear for Christmas?! I AM SO EXCITED. 



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