Reflecting, Routines & Weather

Yesterday marked one year since I was laid off from my first career job. Since then I’ve moved to the other side of the world, work for a much larger agency with awesome colleagues and I’m making some incredible friends. A year +2 days ago, I never would have seen this coming. While it has hit me that I live in London, my mind still cannot comprehend the massive change that has been made and the distance I have come.

In general, more busy days pass in London. It seems I rarely get home at a decent hour after work. While it’s good that there is so much to do and that I’m so social, it also means other routine things fall to the wayside. Like cooking. And cleaning. And well, who really wanted to do those anyway?

Strangely enough, it actually hasn’t rained much lately. It’s either a beautiful autumn day or a dull one where an eerie fog hangs around the City and you get this mist falling that can’t really be counted as rain but still makes everything moist. The daily temperature is also steadily getting lower. Time for toques!

Eimear and I have decided to do a bootcamp pilates class (that should be interesting) and we also bought a Groupon for 10 yoga classes. I must get back into my running routine as well, now that my cold is gone.

This past weekend I was supposed to go to Bath and Stonehenge but unfortunately never made it. As I keep being told, Stonehenge has been there for a while, so I’m sure next time I want to go it’ll still be there. Instead I spent the weekend chilling out at home, which was really very needed. I even got to check out Deptford park, which is a short walk from my flat and was quite relaxing and picturesque on a cold autumn Saturday.





One thought on “Reflecting, Routines & Weather

  1. Bath is nice, definitely worth the visit. I worked there for two years. The entire town is a world heritage site. It has a few of my favourite bars. It also has a pretty big nerdy tech scene (it’s the home of Carsonified).

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