Events That Change You

There are some things in life that happen out of nowhere. You can’t go back in time to change what may have happened but sometimes maybe that’s for the better. You just have to learn a lesson and make the best out of it.

As many of you well know, yesterday I was “mugged”. I’ve been told that being mugged means being beat up and having all of your stuff taken, but I think this counts just the same. I was about a block away from home, on my way from the bus stop on a quiet residential street, when a man very quietly came up behind me grabbed my iPhone from my hand while I was using it and ran off with it. 

A very nice man, who happened to be at his door when he heard me screaming for someone to stop the running man, bolted after the thief but was unable to catch him. Needless to say I was shaking and fighting back tears. It sounds pathetic, but in this day and age and very far from home, my iPhone is my entire life in one package. Connectivity, directions, time, entertainment, calendar appointments, reminders… it’s all on one device. 

If you’ve ever had something stolen you’ll understand the level of violation I feel. I imagine that having someone break into your home is just as bad as having your own possessions grabbed from you and taken right out of your hand. 

Neil, the nice man that ran after the thief, was very comforting and took me to his house just down the street where he and his wife let me call the police and my phone provider to get things sorted out. They gave me a glass of wine and real good hugs too. I don’t know how I would have handled the emotions had I been alone. While this whole scene sounds pretty tame, it was still very traumatizing. It definitely could have been worse, but it’s still unfortunate.

I now have a new iPhone 4S at the expense of my credit card and I took my laptop to work today so that I could restore from my backup once I had the new phone. Everything was all hunky dory until I got to Canada Water tube station tonight and I was waiting for the bus home. My new phone went in my bra on the left and my passport in my bra on the right. When I got off the bus near home, I hugged my laptop to my chest and I looked everywhere and watched everyone I saw from the bus stop until I was through my building door. 

No. I’m not paranoid at all.

Needless to say, I’m sure I’ll get over it. It’s just hard not to be slightly afraid walking home in the dark and watching it all replay in your head again and again and again.

I did my very best to stay positive today though. I bought a new phone and ventured to find a store that sold things that can only be found back home. I bought Kraft peanut butter, Kraft dinner, A&W root beer, and Mr. Noodles. I think I may be back there very soon for other things such as coffee crisp and Tim Hortons coffee…





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