On a yacht with Ryan Reynolds

So I’ve been lagging – sorry folks. Let’s begin last weekend when I caught the flu. That was not fun at all, obviously. It was one of those times I was really sad that London is ginormous and I had no one with enough free time or who cared enough to come by and bring me lovely things to help me get better, like chicken noodle soup or vitamin-boosting drinks. Oh the things a small town is good for! 

By Wednesday I was almost back to myself and I went to see Handel’s Messiah since we got some free tickets at work. It was good, but a little bit too long for me since I was still trying to regain energy from being sick. By Thursday, I was in an amazing mood and feeling completely back to my old self again, complete with 3 meals a day and a cheery disposition. 

Friday was our company Christmas party. It was on a YACHT. Cool eh? It was really fun and quite tame for our group actually. We did secret Santa and I got a few things including a bottle opener in the shape of the royal guard, a Big Ben piggy bank, a “school set” of pencil case, ruler, eraser, etc that said “I love London” on them, and a book that explains Cockney rhyming phrases. 

This weekend so far has been pretty productive and I’m quite pleased with that fact. Yesterday I spent the afternoon cleaning my room, organizing some stuff, and doing laundry. The evening I spent with delivered Chinese food and Ryan Reynolds.

Today I was on a mission, and after having a decent lie in and some tea with crumpets, I headed for the mall. I made record time in Tesco getting my groceries without a headache or frustration and I found a suitcase for 50% off in BHS. Perfect. Although, upon getting home with my spoils and putting away my groceries, I’ve realized I probably got a little too excited and bought too much food for only being here another week. So if anyone fancies coming for dinner, let me know!

Wednesday is my last day at work and then we are on holidays until January 3rd. Saturday Eimear and I fly to Dublin for Christmas with her family and we’ll spend a few days jetting around while she shows me the best areas of her native country before we fly back on New Years Eve.

If I don’t write again before Christmas, then have a merry one everyone!!! Missing you all from home!!




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