2012: The First Week

I’ve been in London and away from home for just over three months now. At times it feels like forever, at others it feels like nothing. There are still times when I can hardly believe I’m actually here and doing this. There are still times when I can hardly believe I’m looking at or walking next to structures that are CENTURIES old. I guess when you make such drastic changes in your life, it’s hard for your brain to keep up with the shock.

Even though I’ve only been here three months, it feels like I don’t have much time left. This year I need to fit in as much travel as financially possible. I made it to three new countries before the end of last year but I still have yet to see any part of mainland Europe. It starts in April, with a trip to Amsterdam for Easter through Contiki tours. It seems perfect, only a few days there and I won’t be alone. It’s also not that expensive. I put a deposit down on Friday and I am SO EXCITED. It’s good too that I took the leap to actually make some plans for myself rather than going with people I know.

It seems I also have to prepare myself for more responsibility now too as all my flatmates are moving out. I haven’t fully decided to stay or find a new place yet, but I’d like to stay as it’s a good place for a good price and a decent commute to work. Plus, I really don’t want to go through the whole flat-hunting hell again if I don’t have to. The problem is that the contract would then be in my name and I would have to find new tenants. In London that isn’t hard at all as there’s always people looking for a place to live, but it’s still a scary thought that if I couldn’t find someone I’d be in way over my head because the rent per month for the whole flat is my entire monthly paycheque.

Last night I went to see Mission Impossible 4 at the IMAX. It was way better than I even expected. And they show an exclusive six and a half minute preview of the new batman film too. I’ve been to an IMAX before, but it really felt like the BFI IMAX in London is bigger than any other one I’ve been to. It could also be that you just always forget how big it is until you’re in its presence. It was definitely worth the £18.50 I paid for the ticket, but it also means I probably won’t be going again for a while.


4 thoughts on “2012: The First Week

  1. It’s great to catch up with you in your blog! I see that your New Media adventures are continuing!What a fantastic adventure! Is New Media work easier to get in the UK? I thought London was just amazing when I was there……..

  2. To be honest Merridith, I don’t really know. I’ve only had this one job here and I was offered the job while I was still in Vancouver. I assume it is though, simply based on scale and the size of the industry comparatively to other places.

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