Who Are You?

I don’t mean to play the wise 20-something year old, but I can definitely say I know a few more things than I did only four months ago.

I’ve come to realize that being away from home for this short period of time has taught me more about life and myself than I ever could have learned being sheltered at home in Canada. And it makes me wonder how much more I will learn in the months to come.

I’ve learned things about myself that I never would have realized or that I would have taken for granted before. Things that, when feeling really down and out, bring me back up to that bubbly ridiculously cheerful Rebekah that you all know or have known at some point. Things (for me) like Musicals, a good game of hockey surrounded by cheering fans, singing along to favourite tunes in a hot shower, going for a drive, fresh baked goods, and new adventures.

The last few weeks have been particularly hard on my heart and emotions, leaving me an internal mess of loneliness, longing, confusion and sadness, partly from being away from home and the people I love the most – I could barely be motivated to even do my evening runs, never mind my laundry and dinner at the end of every day. But today something changed… I watched hockey highlights, I put on my favourite music, I had a long hot shower and sang my heart out. And guess what? I feel motivated again.

Knowing yourself means knowing how to pick your ass up off the floor when nobody else is around to drag you to your feet.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to pull on my Canucks jersey and head on down to the Canadian pub to watch Vancouver kick some Shark arse tonight.



3 thoughts on “Who Are You?

  1. Way to be positive! Being away from home is hard, but you’re showing us all how to do it with class. Are you turning English on us? (not that that would be a bad thing for any English people reading this) whew…..Love you Bekah!

  2. Aw thanks Leslie! If how much English tea is consumed contributes to me turning English, then YES! haha – I’m at 3-4 cups a day now! Love you too! So much!!

  3. Knowing yourself is right. Whenever I come home from work and I really don’t feel like going for a run, that’s when I need to go for a run. The days in between don’t count because when I’m sore from the previous days run, I’m also still high on achievement and endorphins.

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