Remembering the objectives

Since January 1st, I’ve been caught up in a very confusing whirlwind. My personal life feels like it really has taken a whole month and a half (or more) but my professional life feels like it’s gone day-in and day-out so fast that I can’t keep track of how much time has passed anymore. 

So far this year I’ve managed to make myself 10 pounds lighter, but I’m nowhere near done yet. With an amazing support group behind me (Leslie, Victoria, and Gwenyth) and some new-found determination, I feel like I’m on-pace for a much healthier and controlled lifestyle this year. Now all I need to do is stop getting head colds as at the moment I seem to be averaging one a month. Apparently it’s all part of getting used to a new country with different germs… or so I’m told. 

Work is moving faster than ever these past couple of months and although at times it’s stressful, I really do prefer it to the alternative. Last month felt frustrating, probably mostly because I worry too much about my performance and what my colleagues think of me. I guess being laid off always leaves a scar that’s hard to ignore.

As I do my best to keep myself in check, I’ve decided to look at London and my situation from a new perspective now. I’ve reminded myself why I’m here and why I do what I do. When I made up my mind to come here I had set objectives in mind, and I guess I’d lost sight of them for some reason. Now I see that I’m actually meeting those objectives but also getting too caught up in additional “wants” I didn’t have before that really aren’t as important at this very moment. I have to keep reminding myself of patience and how much time there really is (or should be) to eventually achieve those additional wants.

My three main objectives were:

  • To establish myself in a new city – with my own money, resources, and knowledge.
  • To explore new places and challenge my understanding of the world.
  • To build on my career by working somewhere that would provide a great environment with good mentors that would allow me to learn and grow on the fly.

I think I’ve done pretty well with those, now that I look back on them.

  • I live in one of the biggest, busiest, and well-known cities in the world. And I’ve done it alone.
  • I am continuing to challenge my understanding of the world and it’s many cultures as I gradually see new places and meet new people.
  • And I feel like I have some of the greatest colleagues I could have ever hoped for, because they’re not just amazing mentors I can learn from… they’re also my friends.

Let’s get back to the basics. I woke up in London yesterday, and it’s a good life.


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