And all that jazz!

Welcome to London.

The place where everyone is paranoid about becoming unhealthy and obese like the American stereotype, in yet a shit-ton of them smoke a pack a day. The place where people just drop their litter with no thought or care to the impact. The place where no one has any regard for personal space. The place where water tastes like goat shit. The place where there’s no such thing as half-and-half cream, or Tim Hortons, or customer service (oh dear).

But hey, the UK has Spotify. And crumpets, rich tea biscuits, and smoky bacon crisps, oh my! 

In all honesty though, London is still pretty cool – it’s just the things one is used to from home and from growing up in a competely different place that make the above things so irritating. 

I can’t wait to see London in full blown spring and summer though. I think it will make the city look much better and less ugly and grey and dark. I feel like once everything is in full bloom and the sun is shining and warm that it will be like pleasantville, where everything was once in black and white and becomes full of colour. 

I visited West London yesterday and went to a travel show where I loaded up with heavy books and pamphlets from all the tour and travel companies so that I can compare costs and figure out where my next adventure will be after Amsterdam. An African safari sounds so appealing for some reason, but I think I have to be patient with that one, it’s not quite time and I need to see mainland Europe first!

While in the area, I also stopped by Westfield mall in Shepard’s Bush and took a wander. And guess what? There’s an actual LEGO store. Cool.


Today I caught up with Adam, an old friend from back home in Vancouver who is here for a bit. It’s really really nice to see someone familiar from home and talk about all the differences from Vancouver to London. Have to say it is definitely weird (but in a cool way) to catch up and see each other on the other side of the world, rather than in our old usual haunts in Vancouver. Adam has invited me out to see Cardiff in a couple of weeks, which would be really cool. Would be nice to get out of London and see Wales!

And finally, on Wednesday, I am FINALLY going to see a full-on musical! Two of my girlfriends, Victoria and Sherrie, and I have got tickets to see Chicago. I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it. 



3 thoughts on “And all that jazz!

  1. I’m glad you got out to that travel show. I know what you mean about litter and smoking. Most areas of Britain only just got recycling boxes, and we’ve had them since I was a child. It’s very strange, but then I don’t think we’re used to thinking about the UK as being a different culture from us so that probably makes it stranger.Apparently when Brits come to Canada and then go home they are relieved to get back to rude customer service. My Dad’s an ex-pat and he finds it refreshing for some reason.Cardiff is nice, but it’s no where near as Welsh as the surrounding countryside. It depends how long you’re there, but try and get up North for a day or too. The hills may make you feel less homesick!

  2. That’s so weird! I don’t think I’d ever be relieved to have rude customer service, I don’t get it. Still have yet to go to Cardiff now. I’ve postponed it and put in it’s place a good friend’s wedding in Devon. Looking forward to the train journey, getting out of London, and seeing some English countryside!

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