Colours, Flavours, & Abbey

I feel the need to vent to British people. In North America we have things called Ketchup, HP Sauce, and Alfredo Sauce. In England they call the same things Red Sauce, Brown Sauce, and White Sauce.


I mean red sauce could mean a few different things – do you mean ketchup, marinara sauce, or tomato sauce? Some Brits would say that ketchup is tomato sauce. No, actually, it’s not – while ketchup is made from tomatoes it is not the same thing – tomato sauce goes on a pizza for pete’s sake!

Okay. I’m done. For now.

This past Saturday was oodles of fun at Gwen’s hen-do. A hen-do is what the English call a stagette. Not sure what the ‘do’ is for… perhaps it means ‘party’ as they call a groom’s stag a stag-do as well. Anyway, it was an absolute awesome time and here is some allowed-to-be-shown evidence. 😉


Then on Sunday I met up with Joelle and Sam on a sunny afternoon so we could be tourists once again and take photos crossing Abbey Road. It’s actually quite entertaining to just sit there at watch tourists attempting to get that perfect photo crossing Abbey Road just like the Beatles. Of course, we joined in and Sam and Joelle probably crossed the road at least 50 times.

Abbey Road is actually quite a busy one in London but what I don’t understand is why people would take a route down Abbey Road on a sunny Sunday when they MUST KNOW there will be people trying to get a photo crossing it? No, instead they don’t care and they honk and get impatient and angry at people stopping in the middle of the crosswalk, posing to get a photo. It was fun in any case though and we got a few photos. Then we proceeded to Covent Garden to have ourselves a lovely real Canadian pub meal at the Maple Leaf.


2 thoughts on “Colours, Flavours, & Abbey

  1. Regular pub food! Good wholesome burgers, wings, fried chicken, and some Canadian things too like Sleeman beer, Caesers, and a sad excuse for a poutine. The poutine isn’t their fault though, can’t get cheese curds here!English pubs are different than what we’re used to in Canada – especially on Sundays. Some only sell ‘classic’ food like fish and chips and roast dinners on sundays and some don’t serve food at all or only on certain days of the week. I think it’s weird and silly.

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