Home for a rest

This weekend my friend Victoria and I headed to Devon, which is on the west side of England. I was excited since I hadn’t really been outside of London much to see any real English countryside, so the three hour train journey gave me the views I had been craving. The weather wasn’t the greatest on Saturday on the way there, but on Sunday it was mostly alright on the way back.

We were headed to Devon because our friends Gwen and Dan were having a party. A big party. With a hog roast. And maybe a white gown and some rings in there somewhere too. This wedding was probably… no, DEFINITELY THE BEST WEDDING I’VE EVER BEEN TO. Between the beautiful country venue, the hog roast, the cheese-cake, the music and dancing, and the awesome people, it was just an all round fabulous time. Gwenyth was my first Canadian friend in London and I wouldn’t have wanted to spend this weekend any other way than celebrating her wedding.

My favourite part of all was when all of us Canadians in the house jumped to our feet to dance to a piece of our heritage. Yep, that’s right… Spirit of the West.

So we danced until the wee hours of the morning to our favourite 90’s songs that most of us had grown up to and had a fabulous time. This morning was a breakfast together of bacon, eggs, and toast and then cleaning up the venue before hopping back on a train for the three hour journey back to London. Needless to say this weekend has flown by and I wish we could just do it all again! So tomorrow Vic and I head back to work however sadly without Gwen, as her and Dan head off to Scotland for a two week honeymoon in a lovely country cottage. I had such a fabulous time this weekend and I am so incredibly happy for Gwen and Dan – they are an amazing couple and seriously awesome people in general.

And here I leave you with a picture of the beautiful Colehayes Park in Devon from this Sunday morning.



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