MasterCard style cheesy

Today marks six months living in London. It feels like much more than that, probably because I’ve done so much since I arrived. I know six months isn’t a major milestone or anything, but it does make one think about how quickly time passes and how quickly things can change.

So I read through some of my blog posts from my first days on this journey, and some of them made me laugh. Some featured excerpts:

  • “Today’s the day guys. Next time I post, it’ll be from London. Nobody panic now.”
  • “So amazing that I forgot to get a picture. The London Eye. Tower Bridge. THEY’RE REAL GUYS. You know, not just photoshopped pictures and stories.” 
  • “I’m slowly but surely getting used to this whole “look the opposite way” thing before crossing the street. It’s more of a turn-360-degrees-and-make-sure-nothing-is-coming-at-you kind of thing.”
  • “Yesterday was my first day at Hugo & Cat. I’m super stoked cause they’re all really awesome there.” (still a very true story) 
  • “I am on the top of a 3-high bunk bed.”

It’s easy sometimes to forget where I am. It’s easy to get lost in the usual day-to-day, go to work and go home routine.That list above reminds me of the wonder and excitement I had when I first came here, and I want to feel it again because it’s so intoxicatingly awesome. I think my first summer in London will help, the first few sunny warm days are already opening my eyes to a London I haven’t yet seen.

I won’t make this a monumental post or anything, but as a short summary…

In six months I’ve been to three new countries, with two more in my calendar in the next two months. I love my job. I love my new friends. I miss home, but I will be back to visit soon. I wrote this next little piece before I left Canada and was in such a wild frenzy of exploration that I forgot to post it at the appropriate time. So here it is:

SWAP Registration: $640.00
Plane Ticket: $547.51
Travel Insurance: $393.00
Cancel Phone Contract: $475
Unlock Phone: $50 Working far too much for 9 months: Partial Sanity
Arriving at London Heathrow having done it all on my own: PRICELESS



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