Don’t Worry Be Happy

Well, gee. It’s the 5th of August. Paris is already three months gone and while I feel restless, I also feel exhausted.

Life goes on, much as it has in London, with the usual ups and downs of the roller coaster life we all lead. I continue to meet new people and delight in their company, even if it is sometimes very short-lived. The Olympics have come and I find myself very much disappointed that I am not in any way involved like I was in 2010. Last time I volunteered and was lucky enough to work for a company very thoroughly involved as well. This time I have missed out on both of those paths as well as not been lucky enough (or rich enough, either) to acquire tickets to any events.

I have been keeping up with much of the events on the BBC though and the general hype is exciting in itself. I actually find myself cheering for Canada AND Great Britain (it only seems fair). I must make an effort in the coming week and a bit to do some of the other things, like free country pavilions, before it is all over. The dilemma is that London can sometimes wear a lady down with it’s fast paced lifestyle and influx of pushing, shoving, ignorant tourists (let people OFF the train first, damn it!). Granted there are others a great deal busier than me, but I don’t know how they find the energy for it. With kickboxing three times a week a little less than an hour’s journey from home and the remaining four days of the week quickly snatched up with social engagements or the good intentions of going home and actually getting laundry done, I find myself only just a little worn down around the edges. It’s time for another vacation.

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