Happy Anniversary

Happy One Year to me. That’s right, today marks one year living in London. It continues to be an adventure I don’t regret for a second. While it has brought me great joy, fun, and experiences I’ll never forget, it’s also brought me great pain for what I have left behind in Canada. However it is pain that I have learned to handle and channel because I must… because it is inevitable that life will continue this way, no matter where I am.


As many of you will know, I recently returned home for a couple of weeks for my mom’s birthday. For a few months leading up to going home, I was as excited as I had been when I originally came to England – I missed Canada, my family, and my friends and I couldn’t wait to be back. As soon as the plane was flying over London in departure for Canada though, I suddenly felt like I already missed London. And then when my flight departed Vancouver headed back to London, I felt like I missed Vancouver too. I felt like I belonged everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

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