2012 – A Year in Review

Usually I post a year in review on New Years Eve. Unfortunately I missed it for 2012, but I don’t think it’s too late. This is also probably a good way to pick up the blog again, as it’s obvious I got a bit too busy the last couple of months!

January is always a month of recovery and slow paced activities. So the only thing I have for January 2012 is a celebration of Australia day with a taste test of Vegemite. I don’t think I ever need to try it again.

February brought a very busy month at work and a short 24hr business trip to Helsinki. Given the long days at work, not much happened this month either.

March started to pick up some pace and activities. My friends Gwen and Dan got married in the beautiful countryside of Devon and the reception was one of the best I’ve ever been to. I also finally made it to my first West End show, Chicago the Musical, with Sherrie and Victoria. Loved it.

April brought my first trip to mainland Europe over the Easter weekend. I ventured out on a Contiki tour to Amsterdam and met several awesome people I now call my friends. Rock on ya’ll.

May meant Paris. I’d been dreaming of Paris for so long and it was atrip I absolutely loved. I can’t wait to go back again soon, hopefully this summer. Vive la France!

June was a ticket for a day of Hackney Weekend with a few of my favourite people. We partied our way through the likes of Ellie Goulding, Calvin Harris, and Jay Z. This month I also started a beginner’s course in kickboxing, something I’d always wanted to try. Oh, and the Queen had her diamond jubilee.

July is birthdays and belts. Another very long night out with my girl Sherrie and our favourites from work was a great way to celebrate our coming upon 24. After a lot of hard work I also acheived my white belt at kickboxing and I’m loving it.

August was an emotional month. I was at the peak of my homesickness but still having a great time in London. We had a Thames boat cruise in the blazing sun for our work summer party and I visited a couple of London landmarks in the form of the Tower of London and the London Eye before jetting back to Canada to surprise my mom for her birthday and catch up with old friends for a couple of weeks.

September brought my one year anniversary living in London. Reflecting on how much had happened in that year abroad made me proud of my accomplishments and I set goals for what’s next here in Europe.

October was my first attempt at a dinner party. Since I have lots of Canadian friends and a few British friends who needed the experience, I cooked a Thanksgiving dinner for 9 other lovely ladies. My new brazilian flatmate Tamara cooked an epic Turkey to contribute and it was an all around success.

November was busy. I said goodbye to my Aussie friend Emily as she departed London at the end of her work visa, my flatmates and I held a fancy dress “flat party” to remember, and Sherrie and I visited Stonehenge, Bath, and Shakespeare’s birthplace Stratford-upon-Avon.

December proved to be even busier. I started going to kickboxing 5 days a week to train for my red belt grading, which I achieved – go me! We had a wicked work christmas shindig at our favourite hangout which kicked off my holidays in style. I contributed to a friend’s crowd-funding campaign that will give him a chance to live a dream and produce a feature film, called The Fitzroy. If any of my friends also contributed to this, my sincere thanks and sorry for all the facebook/twitter spam. I went home for the holidays and spent some quality time with my friends and family and got some much needed rest. And lastly, I added another first to my list and went snowboarding… twice. Now to hit the Europe slopes.

Overall, I really cannot complain about 2012. It’s been a good year full of accomplishments, new places, new friends, old friends, good food, good company, and more goals created for the next year. Thank you to all who shared it with me and may 2013 be just as awesome.

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