Next stop: Spain

Days blur. I work. I sleep. I eat. I kick. I box. Lather, rinse, repeat.

My routine has not changed in the past couple of months, however there is a HUGE difference to my life from the last time I wrote. I have a new UK work visa! My stress levels have dropped drastically and I feel like I have a world of opportunities and possibilities open to me again. It’s a great feeling and I’m so thankful that the pre-visa weight has finally been lifted after 10 months of research, organisation, and planning.

Right before I went home to Canada to apply for this work visa, I got my hands on a new phone. A Nokia Lumia 925 – and I absolutely love it. I know, me not using Apple/iOS must mean that hell has frozen over. It hasn’t though, and there are days I use an iPhone now and realise there’s really nothing that special about it anymore. One of the great things about my Lumia 925 is that it has an amazing camera on it. Here are some photos I took in Canada with it, see for yourself!

You could say that kickboxing has taken over half of my life, and you’d be 100% accurate with such a statement. There is nothing wrong with this in my mind, and my social life is now also incorporated with it. Next month myself and four other friends from the gym are going to Santander in Spain for a 5 night learn-to-surf holiday at Latas Surf House. I never thought I would ever consider trying to surf given my irrationally rational fear of fish and open live water (especially after my friend Alan, upon hearing this, thought I needed to see THIS). However I couldn’t stop myself from going on an affordable adventure with a group of cool people. I also get to add a new country to my list and a couple more stamps to my passport. Win. I’m excited for everything about this trip and I’m looking forward to a bit of beach time. The video HERE should give you a good idea of what we’ll be doing… looks pretty epic, no?

Aside from this, not much else is new. As I said, days blur – so don’t ask me what day I did any particular thing because I probably won’t be able to tell you. I look at this as a good thing – I’d much rather be busy and sociable and maybe even completely exhausted than be sitting around at home bored and lonely.

Stay tuned for ridiculous photos of myself and the girls attempting surfing!