Morocco – Mistakes were made, lessons were learnt

In lack of my recent travel adventures, I offer my friend Steve’s. Go on, learn some hilariously unfortunate lessons at his expense before you next travel to Morocco.

The Glorious Adventures of Stev and Co

Traveling in Morocco was a great learning experience for myself. I learnt how to get lost in the middle of the Sahara during a sand storm and how to barter for wives with camels. But, I also learnt several life lessons which I feel I must impart on you should you ever travel to Morocco:

Always look down

If you are walking through Marrakech, stare at the ground at all times. If for whatever reason you need to look up, be prepared to be charged for watching a performance that was happening on the other side of town or be attacked by a hoard of monkeys and then be charged for taking photos with them.

Keep your mouth shut in the desert

Even if your nose is already full of sand, trust me, keep your mouth shut. I’m pretty sure I ate my own body weight in sand over the two days I…

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