A Year In Review – 2011

As some of you know, I have a tradition of giving a year in review every New Years Eve. Here it is – apologies for the shortness of it, as given my busy schedule, I’ve drafted this on my iPhone! 
  • After being laid off in November, I moved back home to Chilliwack and started looking for work. 
  • I ended up swallowing my pride and returned to my old job at McDonalds. 
  • I started hiking Mt. Thom more often – seeking the peace and quiet the summit could provide to contemplate my future and my plans. 
  • There is no quantity of events in February, but there IS quality. Josh and Leslie welcome darling Briella into the world.
  • March 1st brought snow in spring – http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=513811805840&l=84d7e5545b 
  • Morgan taught me how to drive standard. 
  • I began working at Vin65 as a Customer Service Rep and Project Manager – and learned a little more about wine over the coming months. 
  • Thanks to my dad I managed to pay off one of my two credit cards with my tax return. 
  • I signed up for my 2nd Sun Run and ran 3km without stopping for the first time. 
  • The Young family visited and I got to meet precious Briella for the first time!
  • Went on my first wine tasting trip to Oliver with my Vin65 colleagues. 
  • I reached a new level of accomplishment and ran 6km without stopping. 
  • I ran my second Sun Run and unfortunately came in with the same time as last year. 
  • I discover and fall in love with BBC Radio 1 and the Chris Moyles Show from London. 
  • Canucks make it to the Stanley Cup Finals!
  • I watch a few Canucks games with friends in the heat of summer as we battle the Boston Bruins
  • We make a couple trips to Vancouver to watch the game on the streets of downtown with thousands of other fans. 
  • Morgan and I witness a riot in downtown Vancouver following the Canucks loss of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. I mourn the loss. 
  • I worked a staggering 308 hours in one month. 
  • Another birthday rolls around and my grand plan of a pool party is destroyed by rain. But its the people I spent it with that matters and in that sense it was awesome. 
  • Went on a trip to Playland with McDonalds buds despite how tired I was from working so much. It reminded me that even though I was working two jobs, I shouldn’t let life and fun pass me by. 
  • Read the Hunger Games series and can’t wait for the film. 
  • Had a fabulous time on Nicki’s stagette!
  • For the second time in my life, I gave my notice at McDonalds. 
  • I took Morgan for his first trip to Playland. We had an awesome full day of fun in Vancouver that included a trip to the park, MEC, White Spot drive in, and the  Twilight drive in theatre.
  • The Young family visits again! Yay!
  • My UK work visa is approved and my flight to London is booked. The countdown begins!
  • I get offered my job at Hugo & Cat – so excited!!!
  • My last concert with Morgan for a while, we hit the city for Blink 182 and MCR. 
  • Nicki and Curtis get married! I have a brother now! 🙂
  • The countdown for London and crossing days off my calendar begins. 
  • I get my very first ride on the back of a motorcycle with Morgan!
  • I had a couple of farewell parties, lots of packing, and reflection on the past 9 months as I prepared for the trip to London. 
  • Fly to London!
  • I discovered how spoiled I’ve been with BC water. London water is revolting. 
  • I met two lovely Australian friends in my first hostel and we spent a few days together before they headed to Paris. 
  • I start work in my first week in London on a Friday and get introduced to my new colleagues by a night of drunken fun at the local pub. Thanks Gwen, Victoria, and James!!!
  • I met Eimear, who would become my good friend here! London would be dull and lonely without her!
  • I have a few hostel adventures including a 3 high bunk bed. I consider myself a semi-experienced hostel-goer now.  
  • I visit the seaside town of Brighton
  • I found Canadian maple syrup at the supermarket – yay!
  • I went zip lining in Swinley Forest and had so much fun up in the trees of the forest. 
  • Finally found a place to live!
  • I took over 1/3 of the Nokia account at work – YES!
  • Went to Finland on a business trip and saw Helsinki. 
  • Mom runs for school trustee – I did what I could from so far away but it wasn’t enough. Thanks to all our friends that helped out and voted!
  • I reach the one year milestone of being laid off in Vancouver and reflect on how much has changed in so little time. 
  • I got mugged and my beloved iPhone 4 was lost into the abyss of London. Lessons were learned. 
  • I found a store in Convent garden to get my fix of Canadian things including Kraft dinner, Tim Hortons, root beer and Caramilk. 
  • I made an extremely successful batch of pumpkin pies for the office. Woot!
  • I received a couple of packages from home which made me feel so loved and also gave me a few things I can’t get here. 
  • Mom sent her famous sugar cookies and my colleagues at Hugo & Cat made them disappear instantly!
  • I got a nasty bout of the flu that put me out of commission for a few days. It was the sickest I’ve been since 2003 – but I lived!
  • Hugo & Cat has their christmas party on a Yacht – so cool and we had so much fun!
  • I spent Christmas with Eimear’s family and got to see a little bit of Ireland!
  • And now Eimear and I are off to spend New Years Eve in an Irish Pub in Piccadilly Circus. Should be awesome – I’m in London for New Years! Crazy!
I want to thank all my friends and family for how supportive they’ve been in this eventful year. I appreciate you all much more now than I ever did before – especially my family. I’ve learned a lot by moving to the other side of the world and I’m still learning new things about myself and about life everyday. 

Thanks everyone – and Happy New Year!